sweet as the scratch

Real or CGI?

It's episode 72, but it's really more like episode 1A. We've had a brief hiatus, and we're coming back with a different format. We talk about 9 songs that show the amorphous nature of rap music in 2019. Aaron joins as we talk about horses, and debate whether a video is real or CGI. In the words of Andre 3k, "virtual reality? virtual bullshit!" and we are definitely back on our virtual bullshit.

2:17 "I'm Lit (feat. Future of Zydeco and Zay Will)" - Lil' Nathan & The Zydeco Big Timers - (Live at Miami Moon, Lafayette, Louisiana 20
10:23 "Red Light" [prod. 7 on the track]" - Rod Wave - Hunger Games 3
14:41 "Meet Again" - Maxo Kream - (april '19)
22:27 Jason Statham (pt. 2) - Pivot Gang - You Can't Sit With Us
27:52 "Tatizo Pesa (feat. Dogo Mjanja)" - Jay Mitta - Tatizo Pesa
31:29 "Dangote [prod. Kel B]" - Burna Boy - (march '19)
37:10 "Old Town Road (feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) [prod. YoungKio, Atticus Rose, Trent Reznor]" - Lil Nas X - (april '19)
43:56 "Stables (feat. La Meme Gang)" - Joey B - (august '18)
47:17 (Ganju Gok) - XXX - (feb '19)
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