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We partied too hard on the Carnival and had to take a month-long break, but we're back! We listen to a bunch of artists we haven't played on the show before, hear American and West African rap, and zone out to some deep house. We also had some awesome talk about Tanzania, Rastafarianism, and African Socialism.

video + tracklist

Carnival Spectacular!

On Fat Tuesday, we got together to indulge in the sounds of Carnival! We played a bunch of soca and a few rap songs about Mardi Gras. There are some incredible videos from Trinidad, Haiti, Louisiana and Alabama on this episode. The point of the Carnival season is to go as hard as possible before you give something up for Lent and get your life together. Obviously, we aren’t giving up shit for Lent, but we are going to party hard, and these are the tunes to soundtrack that party. Definitely watch until the end, because we finish the celebration with a video and some commentary on Trinidad and Tobago's legendary victory over the United States soccer team from October.

video + tracklist

Riding around the Ville

We rode around the Ville, taking in the architecture and culture and listening to some fye music. Forreal we were on some innovative technology breaking the machines with the way we were using them type shit. That's why the video is so scrubby haha. We killed the battery with a few tracks left so check out their links in the tracklist.

Respect to the homeland and all its inhabitants! We do it all for y'all!

video + tracklist

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