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Flake Culture

In episode 41, peaches and bert have some things to say about the American prison industrial complex and flake culture. In regards to the latter: Stop signing up for shit you don't want to do people! Except when it comes to dating, which we both agree is a completely acceptable flaking scenario. On top of all that, Kodak Black, Tee Grizzley, Kay Bellz and Que Almighty all come through will some great fresh music from the last two weeks. Check it!


Star Wars Logic

This episode has it all! Music from Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Nigeria, South Africa, Chicago, Baton Rouge and Cali, plus conversation about the annoying pervasiveness of Star Wars, opera and drivers licenses. As usual, high culture and low culture collide in a wonderful way.


African Electronic Funk, 70s-90s

This mix features tracks from African artists who were pioneers and innovators in relatively early electronic music. These songs are relatives of funk, disco and psychedelic rock, and precursors to some of the modern electronic music scenes across the world. Some tracks are a bit jazzier with congas and horns, while others use drum machines and freaky synths. Basslines abound and dancing is inevitable.


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