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bite-sized episode 56

We decided to do a brief episode this week, because we're bringing lots of heat for our Carnival Spectacular episode coming up soon! So this episode has 6 songs, starting with 4 new ones. We talk dancehall and reggae and listen to some Midwest rap.

video + tracklist

2017 Songs of the Year

It was 2017. Now it's 2018. Let's keep rocking in spite of it all. Above is the video from part 1 of our 2017 Songs of the Year. Its tracklist is below. Shouts out to y'all who tuned in live! Part 2 was unfortunately lost in the ether of net anti-neutrality. So we got the YouTube page embedded with the full Songs of the Year list, with the exception of "People" - Muzi. To see all the tracks in the playlist, click on the little playlist tab in the upper left-hand corner of YouTube video, or toggle through with the left and right arrows next to the Play button. They're trying to shut us down y'all! We not gonna let em though.

video + tracklist

Riding around the Ville

We rode around the Ville, taking in the architecture and culture and listening to some fye music. Forreal we were on some innovative technology breaking the machines with the way we were using them type shit. That's why the video is so scrubby haha. We killed the battery with a few tracks left so check out their links in the tracklist.

Respect to the homeland and all its inhabitants! We do it all for y'all!

video + tracklist

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