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new international music from may and june; for the few

Checking in mid-way through 2017 with this two-part episode featuring new international music from may and june. Bert and peaches select rap, hip hop, afrobeats, electronica and experimental electronic music from Nigeria, South Africa, Korea, US, Jamaica, Canada, Ghana and Kenya; by and for haters, migrants, global citizens, natives, bums, rebels, refugees and local heads. RIP Grip Plyaz. Fuck Cancer

part 1:

part 2:



In Episode 42, we hear 9 really good songs and one clip of Black Panther Bobby Seale talking about cooking. All of that is enough to make your mouth water. We also hear peaches review a book and bert talk about some of his favorite highlight videos on youtube. House, rap, lo-fi, all on this episode. Check it out and peep our further recs below!


African Electronic Funk, 70s-90s

This mix features tracks from African artists who were pioneers and innovators in relatively early electronic music. These songs are relatives of funk, disco and psychedelic rock, and precursors to some of the modern electronic music scenes across the world. Some tracks are a bit jazzier with congas and horns, while others use drum machines and freaky synths. Basslines abound and dancing is inevitable.


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