sweet as the scratch

a scientist and some dub

The dub and reggae legend Scientist, nicknamed so as a teenager by King Tubby for his prodigy like skills with sound mixing and engineering, is an essential figure in the history of electronic music. Though too young to be grouped in with the pioneers of dub or electronic music in general, his mastery of the recording and sound processing techniques of 1970s and 80s music production were as forward-leaning as any of the earliest house and detroit techno artists and predate the explosion of electronic music in the UK by about 10 years.

But what sets Scientist apart from even his contemporaries is how well his music has aged. When I play Scientist for folks who haven't heard him before, their initial responses are usually some variation of "damn, this dude makes beats!" That is, his music works just as well today as it did back in the 80s for anyone looking to vibe out to some heavy electronic cuts. It is dub forsure, but it also competes with and stands its own against the electronic music of today's standards, somehow managing to emulate the rich sonic textures and precise composition possibilities of electronic music production software a digital age later.

Oh yeah, this dude is also a straight nut. Check out this tracklist and maybe do a quick google search of Scientist cover art. You'll find a space and scifi obsessed, video game playing, comic book loving, long face having dork who's been bringing grown men to tears with sheer electronic beauty for over 40 years.

0:00 "Dub Livity" - Scientist - Dub in the Roots Tradition
3:23 "Time Passage" - Scientist - Dub Landing
6:15 "Dangerous Match Two" - Scientist - Scientist Wins The World Cup
9:19 "Fourth Extra Time" - Scientist - Scientist Wins The World Cup
12:16 "Ghost of Frankenstein" - Scientist - Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires
15:27 "Scientific" - Scientist - Introducing Scientist: The Best Dub Album in the World...
17:58 "Knock Out" - Scientist - Heavy Weight Dub Champion
21:17 "Under Surveillance" - Scientist - Scientist Encounters Pac-Man
24:13 "No Dub Island" - Scientist - Dub in the Roots Tradition
27:19 "The Cloning Breed" - Scientist - Scentist Meets The Space Invaders
31:32 "East of Scientist Corner (II Pieces)" - Scientist - Scientific Dub
34:35 "The Princess Takes Her Revenge" - Scientist x Prince Jammy - Scientist and Jammy Strike Back!
38:04 "Beaming" - Scientist - Dub Landing
41:33 "The President" - Scientist - High Priest of Dub
46:08 "Thunder Dub" - Scientist - Roots Radics Meets Scientist and King Tubby in Dub Explosion
49:49 "Galaxy" - Scientist - Dub Landing
52:35 "Guava Road Dub" - Scientist - In the Kingdom of Dub
56:16 "Round 9" - Scientist - Big Showdown
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