sweet as the scratch

dj mix 3 march 2015:
dub, reggae, uk punk, post-punk

Big thanks to the homie Kirin for hooking us up with this look into dub's influences on punk and post-punk in the UK and US. Her mix traces the movement of dub sounds (i.e. echo, low end bass, etc.) across the Atlantic during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. As British and American artists and musicians began to interact with the music of King Tubby, Toots and the Maytals, Lee "Scratch" Perry, et al, so too did their styles and creative processes. This produced a sound that blends the downtempo and atmospheric beats of dub with punk and post-punk's energy and dissonance--a sound that is both rhythmic/open and bursting at the seams:

0:00 "Cool Down" - The Offs - First Record
2:40 "Robber Dub" - The Clash - Super Black Market Clash
8:10 "Independent Man" - Creation Rebel - Lows and Highs
12:10 "Ku Klux Klan" - Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution
15:35 "Jah War" - The Ruts
22:27 "Tell the Youths the Truth" - Jimmy Riley - Punky Reggae Party
26:08 "Do the Reggay" - Toots and the Maytals - Time Tough: The Anthology
29:18 "Who Killed Bruce Lee?" - Glaxo Babies - Dream Interrupted
32:38 "Trapper Ain't Got a Bird" - Peter and the Test Tube Babies - The Mating Sounds of South American Frogs
37:16 "Boz Rock" - Prince Far I - Under Heavy Manners
39:22 "Bass Adds Bass" - Family Fodder - More Great Hits!
44:36 "Dread Beat An' Blood" - Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat and Blood
47:31 "Uptown Top Ranking" - Althea and Donna - Punky Reggae Party
51:23 "Shoplifting" - The Slits Cut
52:58 "Pleasure of the Dance" - Zion Train, Ruts D.C. - Rhythm Collision Vol. 1 and Remix Versions
59:04 "The Guns of Brixton" - The Clash - The Essential Clash
1:02:16 "Outcry" - Cedric IM Brooks & the Light of Saba - The Magical Light of Saba
1:07:36 "Sons of Slaves" - Junior Delgado - Punky Reggae Party
1:12:58 "Kojak" - Lee Scratch Perry - Revolution Dub
1:16:41 "Rockers (No Crackers)" - Glen Washington - Punky Reggae Party
1:19:15 "Stay Close To Me" - Bad Brains - Omega Sessions
1:21:36 "Turn to Red" - Killing Joke - The Malicious Singles
1:26:46 "Milk and Honey" - Lizzard - Punky Reggae Party
1:28:17 "A Reasoning" - Creation Rebel - Lows and Highs
1:32:15 "Demolition" - Dangerous Girls - Live at the Barrel Organ!
1:35:47 "Touch of Fire" - The Upsetters - Return of Django
1:38:27 "You're No Good" - Ken Boothe - Punky Reggae Party
1:42:40 "Satan Side" - The Chuckles, Keith Hudson - The Hudson Affair
1:45:52 "Throne of Blood" - Prince Jammy - Punky Reggae Party
1:48:09 "Ten Commandments" - Prince Buster
1:51:33 "Zion Gate Dub" - King Tubby - Absolutely The Best of Reggae
1:54:45 "Work" - Electric Guitars - Work

-- Kirin

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