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This is a playlist of recommendations from the comments section of a kollegekidd IG post: "Name a song that get you in your bag." 764 people and counting have replied to this post with the name of a track that really goes to work on their feelings. Being the sucker for tear-jerker music that I am, you know I had to spend some time on this thread.

First of all, let it be known that G Herbo's "Peace of Mind" was by far the #1 "in your bag" track, with 30+ people endorsing it. If you haven't heard this masterpiece, go listen now! Thank god this man G Herbo loves his grandmother so much or the world would never have been blessed by this beautiful song. I'm glad so many people agree.

But I didn't throw "Peace of Mind" on this playlist because I wanted to select songs that were completely new to me: there were so many! Listening to all this stuff for the first time—stuff by artists that I know well, stuff that is freaking amazing and mind-bending and beautiful—got me thinking about how much music taste depends on what you're clicking on. Like, there is just so much damn music out there, and even if you're keeping up with certain artists always, no one has time to listen to every song on every project that comes out. So we click on what sounds cool, and miss things.

Plus, every music blog out there including sweet as the scratch is trying its hardest to be super eclectic, to document the international music industry as a single, interconnected thing. It is, but that's way too tall of a task for a single web page. As a result, music fans get bits and pieces of it all, but lose common ground, because everyone's bits and pieces are a little different.

That's why this thread is cool af. kollegekidd is a hip hop news and entertainment blog for the urban and collegiate demographic. Most of its followers are highly active on social media and listen to the same kind of music: Chicago and Atlanta rap and its influences. It's a wide and crowded lane, but a knowable one. This thread provides common ground for people to find some stuff they might have missed, by artists they know and like. It is basically a collage of closely related music created by 750+ people. Respect.

No doubt, not everything on there is good—smh A Boogie's corny ass, y'all crazy—but most of it is. I combed through it all, and made this playlist of my favorites. 14 tracks that get you in your bag aka vibes + emotions. Real autumn shit:

:00 "Too Old" - Foxx - Reallionnaire
2:42 "Too Many Years (feat. PNB Rock) [prod. J Gramm]" - Kodak Black - Lil Big Pac
5:56 "Shine" - G Herbo - (2015)
9:40 "Water [prod. Black Metaphor]" - Lil Bibby - Free Crack
12:50 "Arms Of A Stranger [prod. S1]" - Kevin Gates - The Luca Brasi Story
15:26 "I'm Sorry" - Lil Boosie - Hood Legend
20:19 "Hardly [prod. Southside]" - Future - Monster
22:53 "Sombody Loves You [prod. Rodnae]" - Plies - Definition of Real
27:18 "Activist (feat. C-Note) [prod. Zaytoven and Mike Will Made-It" - Gucci Mane - World War 3: Lean
32:04 "Something I Gotta Know" - Chief Keef - Feed the Streets
36:29 "Energy [prod. CashMoney AP]" - SD - Just The Beginning
40:00 "Swag School [prod. Chief Keef]" - Capo - G.L.O.N.L. 3
42:15 "Brothers (feat. LA Capone & Lil Durk)" - RondoNumbaNine - Real Nigga 4 Life 2
47:45 "Yung Nigga Died (feat. Young Moe) [prod. JD On The Track]" - Fat Trel - Muva Russia
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