sweet as the scratch

what's going to happen to all the books?

Special guest Santiago joins us for a new episode! Worldwide music as usual. We've got music videos of protest, freeing the prisoners, and Santi brings a super rare video from Argentine cumbia band Yerba Brava you don't want to miss. Soccer is involved, of course. We also make some plans to bring some of our favorite Malian artists to the US in the future. At the end of the show, we talk about what will come of printed books in our age of instant information.

1:32 "Prophecy" - Shatta Wale - oct '19
4:48 "Skilla Dan Ninjas (feat. Bescenta and Lutan Fyah)" - Ras Penco - oct '19
8:21 "Good Vibes Only (feat. Espacio Dios)" - Muzi - sept '19
26:16 "Liberer Les Prisonniers" - Iba Montana - march '19
30:01 "Marathan Runner" - Nyashinski - march '19
33:12 "Proud Fvck Boys Remix (Naija Version feat. Falz and Ice Prince)" - Tulenkey - june '19
46:15 "Bookhead" - JJ Doom - 2013
48:20 "La Cumbia de los Trapos" - Yerba Brava - 2011
52:33 "Rasta Nuh Gangsta" - Samory I - 2017
56:23 "Burrup (Club Mix)" - Nardo Ranks - 1990

Les Fauves 10-12-19

Bert on WHPK. A house playlist of mostly songs from South Africa. Lots of deep house for you to feel in your soul.

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