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Top Golf controversy

There is a controversy about the building of the new Top Golf in Louisville, KY. Some oppose it, some are for it, and in the end it will likely be built. We give our own two cents on the topic: mocking the world that produced such an excessive social institution, rather than getting depressed by it.

1:50 "Boss" - Blaze YL - 2018
5:10 "Top Off (Colors Performance)" - Gunna - 'feb 18
8:35 "Never Lost" - Sheck Wes - Mudboy
12:53 "Ace (feat. Smino and Saba)" - Noname - Room 25 -
15:59 "Deep Sleep [prod. Gego Dion Records]" - Alkaline - oct' 18
41:40 "At Oui Tass" - Amanar De Kidal - (2016)
45:21 "Nile Waves" - Saif Abu Bakr & The Scorpions
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