sweet as the scratch

the frankfurter school

In episode 47, we really went worldwide. Detroit, NYC, the Philippines, LA, South Korea, South Africa and Angola are all represented. We got rap, deep house, dancehall and styles in the margins of all of those. We also have a brief discussion about some writing by early cultural critics about museums and how people interact with art!

1:30 "Fresh Prince of Brick Mile [prod. Lil Ron]" - Allstar Lee - (july '17)
3:27 "If It Ain't Foreign It's Borin" - K Rizz - (july '17)
6:03 "Zone (feat. G Perico)" - Pacman Da Gunman - (july '17))
8:50 "XINDOSHI (feat. Sik-K, Loopy, MASTA WU, 김효은)" - GroovyRoom (그루비룸) - Everywhere
28:56 "Beautiful World (feat. Fararfi)" - Siphe Tebeka - Beautiful World Strictly Production #01
33:41 "All For Love (Bucie)" - WizKid - Sounds From The Other Side
38:01 "The Truth" - Knoja - (july '17)
41:47 "Don't Stop" - Diron Animal - Alone
58:47 "33rd" - Cupcakke - Queen Elizabitch
1:02:18 "Truthfully (feat. Kyle Hall)" - K15 - Speed of Life EP

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